Makeup that makes you stand out - As seen in The LA Fashion Magazine

A special thank you to the following individuals whose pictures are on this site. These are some amazingly talented individuals, some who work in the beauty industry and some who are customers. We love them for showing some love to our little brand!

Paulina Allure - Full face picture wearing all AlexAnne Beauty products. Paulina was the first person we ever reached out to about trying our makeup and she was such a positive and welcoming person to us. Paulina's pictures can also be seen in the review of our products that The LA Fashion Magazine did. Find her on Instagram at @paulina_allure

Meg Baldini - The lip art Queen. Meg's lip art has been featured in several magazines, as well as her videos going viral several times (a few with her using our lippies!). Her pics can be seen throughout our site, most on our Creme lipsticks and also main header (last pic). Meg is extremely down to Earth, funny and honest. That's why we love her. Follow her Instagram to see her amazing lip art and makeup videos - @megbaldini

Nikohle Gonzalez - Nikohle is a customer. Not just any customer though. She takes amazing swatches of our lipsticks. So amazing that it's her lips that are on the majority of our pictures for the Bad Ass Matte and Fierce Liquid Lips line. She also has a creative side and has some pretty kickass lip art looks, a few of which have been re-posted by some MAJOR brands (umm..not that WE aren't cool but let's just say one brand rhymes with "Lat Mon D"). You can find her on Insta at @nikohleeee

Marcela Damaceno - Marcela is the lips behind the pic on our home page as well as some product shots. She has amazing swatches and reviews on her Insta - @marceladamaceno

@androlux is another amazing customer who's product shots we love - you know those shots of the actual lipstick being bit on, and the lips show the color that's inside the lippie? Yeah that's @androlux - there are great reviews on the page as well!

@jessicamakems shares the screen with one of @androlux pics (Bundle Deals). She does amazing swatches as well as reviews, give her a follow!

@styledbychristina can be seen wearing a few of our colors - Slay Me and Rebel - in our Bad Ass Matte section. Give her a follow for reviews on all things beauty related, including clothing and hair products!

@northernpout (formerly @bakeandglow) fantastic lip art and product reviews/swatches. Paige always has a bit of a "Bad Ass" vibe in most of her looks and we love that.